About Real Touch company

Who are we?

We are multinational company based in China (30 km south from Guangzhou). We are Chinese, Russians, Americans, Germans and others - we are out of politics and wars. Our company was established 07/01/2014.

Factory or wholesaler?

We are NOT factory. We are wholesaler. We have selected 90 out of 400 factories, which produces the best items in China. Some factories produce only 1 good item, another factories - 20 good items. Now we have 600+ items of different flowers, plants, succulents and trees.

Retail or wholesale?

We are NOT sending retail orders from China. Please make retail order from our partners all over the world or just order at AliExpress. We sale only by small boxes and big cartons of 1 item same color.

Where is your showroom and warehouse?

In China we have NO showroom, only warehouse in order to save costs. If you want to visit showroom please visit one of our partner’s showroom or just browse our website.

What is the final price for me?

It has 2 components:

  1. Net factory price at our warehouse in RMB. This will never change. We can convert to your currency due to the rate, but the payment will be counted on the day of payment, not the day of receiving price list. Please pay attention that this price is called ExWork (for more details please read Incoterms 2010)
  2. Custom clearance + shipping. These amount depends on the distance to your country and current rates for taxes and fees. Usually it’s not more than 50% of ExWork price in total (for approximate calculations)

Can you send samples to me?

We are NOT sending samples from our warehouse in China. We can send samples to you from the nearest showroom under our brand at partner’s retail price.

How to become your partner?

Briefly, for 1 million city population you should buy flowers or plants for 5 000 USD value, and after you need to purchase at least for 4 000 USD value every half a year. This will lead you to the exclusive rights for region of distribution, access to our photo database and the best ever prices.

Why the price for your flowers/plants is so high?

Actually, it’s NOT high. In terms of quality, lifespan and costs for maintenance - it’s the best choice for decorating weddings, restaurants and shopping malls. If you have found a cheaper price, please let us know and we will correct our price for you.

Unique service for designers and decorators

Selection of suitable items for your project. Please provide us with reference photos or 3D model of your project and we will choose the most suitable flowers and plants to fit your color scheme and forms/sizes contrasts