Myths of Real Touch flower market, which everyone should know

1. High-quality artificial flowers are made in Europe and in the United Arab Emirates only. All over the world artificial flowers are manufactured on a wholesale scale only in China. Any labels, like ‘Made in Poland’, ‘Made in Belgium’ and others, are put on directly in Chinese factories, as we have witnessed many times. Close location of all resources and production facilities in China don’t allow any  other country even to imagine the possibility to open the same manufacturing.

2. Unlimited lifespan of Real Touch flowers. Real Touch flowers have limited lifespan. Every type of materials, used in production of Real Touch flowers, has its own lifespan; for more information about it, read our article. In short, Real Touch flowers can be intensely used only for one season (one year).

3. Real Touch flowers are not gathering dust. Real Touch flowers, as well as other interior pieces, are, of course, becoming dusty. In case these flowers are used as long-term immovable decorations, they require some care, as blowing the dust off and cleaning all surfaces with a wet cloth. Dust causes the greatest harm to roses, as they are made of silk with latex coating and when they are not treated with appropriate care, dust can deeply settle on the cloth, which makes a flower look worse. 

Цветы Real touch

4. Real Touch flowers don’t smell. Flowers made of silicone, of course, have a specific smell, which is typical for all the polymers. Tulips, calla lilies, irises and some other flowers smell more distinctly. This problem can be solved by simply airing a room. Real Touch Company doesn’t recommend using special perfumes, as their mixing with polymers often causes the initial smell of a flower to become stronger.

5. It doesn’t matter where to purchase Real Touch flowers – they are the same everywhere. There can be a lot of participants in the trade chain between a manufacturer and a customer: a factory – a wholesaler in China – a sales manager (an owner of a flower sales outlet in the market) – an agent – a wholesaler in a particular country – a customer. Every one of these participants increases purchase prices by a significant sum. But there is the other fact, which is considered to be the scariest and the most dangerous, that a wholesaler of some country purchases flowers from a Chinese wholesaler. As flowers have limited lifespan (see our article), a Chinese wholesaler primarily sells old stock goods, which have already been stored for a year (!) by the time of sale. When the flowers reach their end user, they will look the same as newly made flowers, but in fact the lifespan of these flowers (in case they will be used for arrangements and walls in the restaurants, hotels, photo studios, weddings and etc.) will be time-limited.

Цветы Real touch

Only systematic work with factories, carried out by Real Touch Company, allows to hold ‘fresh’ flowers (as far as this term can be applied to this product) in stock.

Real Touch Company is an innovative leader in this sphere, our company regularly provides the clients with up-to-date and reliable information.