Spheres of application of Real Touch flowers

Spheres of application of Real Touch flowers

Real Touch flowers can be used in the following areas:

1. Weddings. Walls, entrance elements, arches, tables, photo shoot spaces can be decorated with Real Touch flowers and compositions of them. Besides, as it nowadays occurs at most weddings in Europe and America, the wedding bouquet can be also composed of Real Touch flowers – such bouquet will really stay with bride forever.

2. Photo studios. In such a case, it is possible to decorate both immovable settings in photo studios and mobile constructions, which can be used in the field or erected in place.

3. Restaurants, hotels. Real Touch flowers can dress up any hotel or restaurant at entrance lobbies, on the tables, in the rooms, and in the interior environment. 99% of hotels in the United Arab Emirates use just Real Touch flowers.

4. Retail and office centers, shops, car dealerships. Real Touch flowers, presented in retail spaces both in compositions and in bouquets in standing alone bowls, are able to give freshness to premises and set good mood in buyers, which favors purchasing.

5. Special events: exhibitions, conferences, forums, and opening ceremonies. Decoration with Real Touch flowers can become a distinguishing feature of any exhibition pavilion and will set the pavilion apart from other places. Photo shoot spaces for group and individual photos of such events can also be decorated with Flower wall from Real Touch flowers.

6. Stage set for TV programmes, movies, serials, and theatres. Special effects, reality of ongoing events on the film set or on stage of the theatre are evolving every decade, and at the same time all flower decorations should be also evolving. Gradually, generation of rag artificial flowers is changing to Real Touch flowers, which adds still more reality to what the viewer sees.

7. Airports, railway stations, and bus stations. In crowded areas, where people are usually strung and in a hurry, flower walls, compositions and standing alone bouquets in bowls can calm people and help them to overcome different kinds of stress.

8. Office and home. Real Touch flowers can keep up your spirits both in the office and at home, encouraging more productive work and more harmonious family relations.


For more details about advantages of Real Touch flowers, see the article ‘Main advantages of Real Touch flowers. To say in brief, usage of such flowers is eco-friendly, practical and realistic, and most important is that you can see the desired result in advance and enjoy it for a long time, and it is unfortunately impossible in case of fresh flowers.

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